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EBBA 21976

Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Naked TRUTH:
A Brief Collection of the poor Man's Cares in this
Hard and Dull SEASON.
The Rich you know has many Friends,
the Poor has few or none,
Yet don't Despair but cast your Care
upon the Lord alone.
To the Tune of The Touch of the Times. Licensed according to Order.

THe Summer's departed, and Winter is come,
Which is a great trouble and sorrow to some,
Who is not provided with something in store,
For Charity she is turn'd quite out of Door;
All Trading is dead, and the Rich Men are hard,
The Poor and the Needy there's few will regard,
The Truth of these Sayings there's none can deny,
For this is a Ditty without e're a Lye.

Bad Husbands that always did spend what they earn
And will not endeavour this Lesson to learn
For saving in Summer, while Weather is warm,
Some Comfort to help in a cold Winter Storm,

His head, and his heart will be furnish'd with care,
For Friendship he'll find is as cold as the Air,
The Truth of these Sayings there's none can deny
For this is a Ditty without e're a Lye.

He that has much Money shall ne'er want a Friend,
For all will be ready his Cause to defend,
But he that has neither got Money nor Cloaths,
Why he shall be then as well furnish'd with Foes;
In this very Channel the whole World doth run,
'Tis seen by all Persons as clear as the Sun:
The Truth of these Sayings there's none can deny,
For this is a Ditty without e're a Lye.

Alas! there is many a right honest Man,
That Labors, and takes all the pains that he can,
To thrive in this World, by industrious Care,
And yet after all, may be never the near;
For Losses and Crosses do's often attend
Some Persons, and tho' not addicted to spend,
The Truth of these Sayings, etc.

All Trading is dead, both in City and Town,
And therefore the Poor they are daily run down:
But there is Three Callings attended with Crimes,
And these I must tell you live best in bad Times,
The Bailiff, the Broker, and Usurer too,
All these do's endeavour the Poor to undoe:
I'm sure there's no one, etc.

The Covetous Miser we here may behold
Is raking, and making a God of his Gold,
And likewise the Bailiff do's practice all Evil,
The Broker is almost as bad as the Devil;
For those Catterpillers will eat and destroy
The Substance that honest poor Men should enjoy:
The Truth of these Sayings, etc.

Some Persons have Hundreds and Thousands a year,
While others with care cann't tell which way to steer;
'Twere well if the Rich would consider the Poor,
Out of their vast heaps of this plentiful Store,
For Trading is dead, and there's little to do,
And have a long Winter likewise to rub through,
The Truth which I tell you, there's none can deny,
For this is a Ditty without e'er a Lye.

Pride, Envy, and Malice amongst us do's Reign,
Of which the whole Kingdom has cause to complain
Then let us endeavour our Lives to amend,
That the Divine Power a Blessing may send;
For how can we think that all things should go well,
While we by our Sins against Heaven Rebell?
These Lines I would have you all willingly buy,
It is a New Ditty without e'er a Lye.

Printed for P. Brooksby. J. Deacon. J. Blare
J. Back.

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