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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Invincible
PRIDE of Women:
The London Tradesman's Lamentation,
For the Prodigality of his Wife, whith doth daily pillage his Purse.
To the Tune of the Spinning-Wheel. Licensed according to Order.

I Have a Wife, the more's my Care,
who like a gaudy Peacock goes,
In Top-knots, Patches, Powder'd Hair,
besides she is the worst of shrows;
This fills my Heart with grief and care
To think I must this burthen bear.

It is her forecast to Contrive,
to rise about the hour of Noon,
And if she's Trimm'd and Rigg'd by five
why this I count is very soon;
Then goes she to a Ball or Play
To pass the pleasant night away.

And when she home returns again,
conducted by a Bully Spark,
If that I in the least Complain,
she does my words and actions mark;
And does likewise my Gullet tear,
Then Roars like Thunder in the Air.

I never had a Groat with her
most solemnly I here declare,
Yet she's as proud as Lucifer
and cannot study what to wear
In sumptuous Robes she still appears,
While I am forc'd to hide my Ears.

The lofty Topknots on her Crown,
with which she sails abroad withal,
Makes me with Care alas! look down,
as having now no hope at all,
That ever I shall happy be
In such a flaunting Wife as she.

In debt with ev'ry Shop shop she runs
for to appear in gaudy Pride,
And when the Millener she duns,
I then am forc'd my Head to hide
Dear Friends, this proud imperious Wife
She makes me weary of my Life.

Sometimes with words both kind and mild
I let her know my wretched state,
For which I streightways am Revil'd:
says she, I will appear more Great
Than any Merchant's London Dame,
Tho' thou art ruin'd for the same.

'Tis true she is both fair and young
and speaks Italian Greek and Dutch,
Besides she hath the scolding Tongue,
which is, in faith, a Tongue too much;
I dare not speak nor look awry,
For fear of her severity.

My worldly glory, joy and bliss,
is turn'd to sorrow grief and care
He that has such a Wife as this
needs no more torment I declare;
To buy those Trinkets which they lack
Both Stock and Credit goes to Rack.

There's many more as well as I,
in famous London-City fair
Whose Wives with Prodigality
doth fill their Husbands Hearts with care:
I pity those with all my Heart
Since I with them do bear a Part.

Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back.

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