EBBA 21745

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title A Looking-Glass for Ladies, / OR, / A mirrour for married-women. / Lively setting forth the rare Constancy, Chastity, Patience, and purity of Penelope the / Wife of Ulisses, one of the Grecian Generals, who during the Ten Years absence of her / Husband at the siege of Troy, was solicited, and importun'd, by numbers of Emminent / Suitors; who attempted her chastity, and endeavoured to violate her Honour, but never / could prevail. She addicted her self wholly to Charity, and good Housewifery, until her Husbands return. / Which may serve as a Pattern for all Ladies, Gentlewomen, and others to / Imitate her vertuous Example.
Tune Imprint Tune of, Queen Dido: or, Troy Town.
Standard Tune Title Queen Dido; Troy Town
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