EBBA 21357

Magdalene College - Pepys
Recording Information
Ballad Title The Musical Shepherdess, or, Dorinda's Lamentation for the loss of Amintas. / Amintas all Arcadia's Glory was, / A youth so sweet that all he did surpass, / But Times all mowing Sith this flower did cut, / fate to his days the last period put: / For Musick, and for singing, who but he, / Was fit to help the Gods with Harmony? / His fair Dorinda, seeing he was gone, / And she poor Mournful Damsel left alone. / Invokes the Nymphs to sing his praise, / Whilst she a Garland Weaves, then ends her days. / Resolving not to stay behind her Love, / She being deny'd him here, mounts up above.
Tune Imprint
Standard Tune Title Digby's Farewell
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