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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Maids new All-a-mode PINCUSHING,
Come stick a Pin here my LADS.
To the Tune of, I am the Duke of Norfolk,

I Am a maid of Flushing,
and I have a Pincushing
Although my Cloaths are bare
There came a Cook Ruffin,
And he said it wanted Stuffing,
And fain he would have stuck
a Pin, there, there, there.

This Pincushing a Witch is
and breaks through leather Breeches
And breaks through our buttons of brass
in vain they stand as Centry
To guard Dame Natures Entry,
For Pincushing maketh Man,
an Asse, an Asse, an Asse.

The Miser chat thinks Money
much sweeter then the Honey
Saies (look) what I have for thee here)
to see if I can (win ye)
I bring a lovely Guinea.
Then hold up thy Pincushing
my Dear, my Dear my Dear.

The People in the Tower
stick forty in an Hour
Upon an old Pincushing there
for Pence a piece the Rabble-Rout
May stick 'em in and take 'em out.
For Codpeice does never cry,
forbear, forbear, forbear.

B Ut mine is Cupids Pillow
not fit for every Fellow,
'Tis black as the feet of the Swan
as woollie as the Peech is,
And tender as the Beech is,
And fit for the Service of a
Man, a Man, a Man.

The Miller and the Farrier
The Plowman and the Carrier
Did proffer me fine Toys with their Pin
the Grocer Suger-Candy
The Vinter Wine and Brandy,
They all came to stuff my
Pincushing, Cushing, Cushing.

The Brewer and the Baker,
the Fidler and the Quaker,
Resorted to my Pincushing
they often would be billing,
And feel if I were willing,
To stick but a little small Pin,
in, in, in, in.

Sweet Sue may leave her Bobbing
and Toy with bonny Robbin
I f she a good Pincushing have
I t wins the Heart of Arthur ,
Much better then the Garter.
And makes him a lamentable
Slave, a Slave, a Slave.

I am resolv'd to Marry
and will no longer tarry,
But use my Pincushing Will,
Let Cicely live and die a Maid
Of leading Apes I am afraid,
I must of Young Cupid have,
my fill, my fill, my fill.

Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden
Ball in Pye-Corner .

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