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Magdalene College - Pepys
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The Mirror of Mercy,
In our Gracious KING's Pardoning of Edward Skelton:
Who was Condemned to Dye, as being Accessary with Richard Richardson, in the Murder
of Henry Howard, Gentleman; but by the Intercession of Eighteen young Maidens, ob-
tained his Majesties most Gracious Pardon for him.
To the Tune of, Joy to the Bridegroom: Or, In Summer time.
This may be Printed, R.P.

HEard you not of the Headborough,
Who fell into a strange Demur?
By Murdering of a Gentleman,
Whose Life, alas! he did Trappan:
He had no reason to proceed
In such a bloody Wicked deed.

And if I may declare the truth,
There likewise went with him a Youth;
One in the Glory of his prime,
Prov'd accessary to the Crime:
They both Committed was to Goal,
Where they their sorrows might bewail.

Since they have this destruction wrought
Before the Bar they both were brought;
To prove them Guilty Men, or clear,
But as the truth does well appear,
They both Condemned was to dye,
As the Reward of Villany.

When his acquaintance they did hear,
That he must loose his life so dear,
That he ordained was for Death,
And to resign his dearest breath,
No tongue is able to declare
The sorrow of their grief and care.

They all in sorrow did relate.
Their grief, for by unhappy Fate,
He being well belov'd we hear,
Of all that lived far and near:
In sorrow they lament and grieve,
O that we could gain his Reprieve!

Since there's no other remedy,
We'l to our Royal Majesty;
In humble sort we will intreat,
And prostrate at his Royal feet;
Who knows but pitty may him move,
To grant the life of him we love.

No Cost or Charges did they spare,
But readily they did prepare,
Five Coaches thus was fill'd withal,
Who hasted straight unto White-Hall;
With Eighteen Damsels all in White,
It was a fair and comely sight.

They gain'd a Favour in this thing,
And was admitted to the King;
Where falling low upon their Knee,
Before his Princely Majesty:
He their Petition did receive,
And likewise granted a Reprieve.

Upon our most Renowned Prince,
They did obtain that influence;
The Spring of Mercy so did flow,
To expiate their grief and woe;
And did extend his Clemency,
While the fair Maids was standing by.

This did renew each drooping heart,
Straight from the Court they did depart,
It was a Youthful Maiden Train,
Which did to him return again:
Where he remain'd in woful fears,
To sound glad tydings in his Ears.

Then coming where this Youth did lye,
In grief and great Extreamity,
Chear up, said they, be not cast down,
Our Gracious Prince of high Renown,
In Mercy now hath pardon'd thee,
And grants thee Life, and sets thee free.

No Tongue is able to express,
His true unfeigned thankfulness;
Said he, in Solemn sort I vow,
Ne'r to forget his Mercy now:
No Branglement shall ever cause
Me e're to Violate his Laws.

After they had Discours'd a while,
Which did his sorrows so beguile;
They all together home did go,
Which made a most Delightful show;
Through all the town where e're they came
And spread the News on Wings of Fame.


Printed for C. Dennisson, at the S[tation-]
ers-Arms within Aldgate.

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