EBBA ID: 20761

Magdalene College - Pepys 2.143

Interpreting image search results: Our Woodcut search uses specially developed image recognition software to extract image features, such as the bend of an arm, or textural patterns, from images and then applies a fast, scalable classification algorithm to create clusters of likely matching woodcut impressions in the archive. The algorithm errs on the side of inclusion, operating under the premise that it’s better to see some images in a cluster that aren’t exact matches than to miss true matches. As a result, you are likely to see images that share common features but are not exact matches in an cluster if there are not, in fact, strong matches in the archive. Visit the Arch-V Git repository for more information on the technology.


Impression File Name: 20761-10.jpg

Genre: narrative

snakeF) Animals
columnH) Architecture
flooringH) Architecture
archH) Architecture
wallH) Architecture
windowH) Architecture
chairI) Furniture
manB) Figures
womanB) Figures
number of figures - 3B) Figures
1625-1660, Caroline / InterregnumC) Fashion
frog / toadF) Animals
indoorA) Geography