EBBA 20092

Magdalene College - Pepys
Turners dish of Lentten stuffe, or a Galymaufery.
Date Published 1612?
Author W. Turner
Standard Tune
Imprint [Part 1] Imprinted at London for I. W. [Part 2] At London printed for I. W.
Collection Magdalene College - Pepys
Pages 1.206, 1.207
Location Pepys Library
Shelfmark Pepys Ballads 1.206-207
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Additional Information
 Part 1Part 2
TitleTurners dish of Lentten stuffe, or a Galymaufery.The second part, or you are welcome my guest to / your Lentten fare if you come when Lent is gone, you / shall haue better cheere,
Tune ImprintTo the tune of Watton Townes end.To the same tune,
First LinesMY Maisters all attend you, / if mirth you loue to heare:THat's the fat foole of the Curtin, / and the leane foole of the Bull:
Album Page1/2 sheet folio, originally left part, 266 x 1821/2 sheet folio, originally right part, 266 x 137
Conditioncreased, damaged surface, uneven inkingcreased, damaged surface, uneven inking
Ornamentcast fleuronscast fleurons